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Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education


Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) was founded 30 years ago to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Funded by the USDA, SARE's mission is to educate and support farmers across the entire agricultural spectrum to farm more sustainably. SARE came to Osmosis to develop a multimedia program to showcase sustainable farming practices using video and interactive web content.


Beginning with a day-long workshop with SARE leadership in Washington DC, we built out a strategy and content roadmap for production across all of SARE's national regions. Osmosis then interviewed farmers across the country to identify characters and storylines on which to base a series of videos that would faithfully capture the range of sustainable farming practices employed by farms nationwide, and SARE's supportive impact in that ecosystem. We created a video style guide to direct how we would bring a wide breadth of information to life on screen.


Over the course of a year and four production trips, Osmosis captured footage from farms across America, covering practices including cover crop rotation, conservation tillage, compost, crop-livestock integration, soil assessment, beneficial organisms, business management practices, pest management, management of range land systems and more. We also profiled specific farms and farmers, created an interactive infographic (see below), and a new video overview of the SARE organization.

"Osmosis has been a great partner. Their team is very talented, versatile, engaged, accommodating and creative. They've been very quick to pick up on both the values of our organization and the technical details of our work, and they have efficiently translated that understanding into high-quality videos and interactive features that help us tell our story."
Andy Zieminsky - National Communications Manager, SARE
An image from the SARE interactive infographic

The Sustainable Farm - An Interactive Infographic

Osmosis created an interactive infographic that allows viewers to take a deep dive across a range of sustainable farming practices.  Working closely with SARE leadership, Osmosis designed a multi-layered experience for both desktop and mobile platforms that provides viewers access to a wealth of information on everything from soil assessment to crop-livestock rotation and more.