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Teach for America: How Change Happens


Teach for America’s mission is to ensure that one day every child in the United States has an equal opportunity to attain an excellent education. Osmosis was tasked with clearly articulating how the ongoing work of TFA’s corps members and alumni serves to effect lasting change for American children.


Osmosis met with TFA staff, alumni, and corps members to understand how TFA’s network is a force for change. Osmosis then set out to create a concise, visually engaging, and emotionally resonant animation demonstrating just how that change occurs. Osmosis developed the script and style, and handled all aspects of production for the 3-minute animation.


In addition to posting the How Change Happens animation to its social channels, Teach for America features the film on its website, to be shared with the general public, prospective teachers, and other stakeholders, and is promoting the video in e-mail messages to its core audiences.

Osmosis animation featured on the TFA website

The animation that Osmosis created was used in a variety of ways, including as a mission statement illustrating how Teach For America creates lasting change in the lives of students and in communities nationwide.

The TFA website where the animation and is viewable.

TFA also shared this animation on their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.