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Teach for America: Texas Impact


Teach for America wanted to create video content that could help drive ongoing recruitment, inspire donations, and support other communications efforts nationwide. The storytelling needed to authentically depict the experiences of its corps members and alumni living out TFA’s theory of change. 


Osmosis proposed a short documentary that would present a cross section of TFA’s network in a specific region by threading together the stories of alumni and corps members working at various levels in the local education system. After deciding to spotlight TFA’s collective impact in the state of Texas, Osmosis researched and developed a narrative, then took a road trip through the state to film with over a dozen alumni and corps members.


Osmosis created a seventeen-minute documentary, which was then broken down into four shorter stand-alone films, and three cut-downs for social media. Osmosis is also creating additional content, based on material collected during production and pre-production to support TFA’s 2019 marketing and communications efforts.

Osmosis docu-short featured on the TFA website

The documentary short that Osmosis created was used in a variety of ways, including as a mission statement illustrating how Teach For America creates lasting change in the lives of students and in communities nationwide.

The TFA website where the docu-short is viewable.

TFA shared the film on their Twitter feed and other social channels.

Osmosis also provided TFA with several cut-down edits of the film, highlighting individuals in 2-3 minute independent segments. These were shared on TFA's social channels, and examples can be found on their LinkedIn,  Twitter, and Facebook pages.