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University Preparatory Academy


University Preparatory Academy (UPA) is a charter school network located in Pinellas County, Florida, where low-income students generally have limited access to a quality education. We worked with UPA to showcase what the school means to the community.


Osmosis created two versions of a ~5 minute short-form documentary, including one that is featured on the school’s website, and another used for private distribution. The story features interviews with the students, family members, teachers and principals at the school. Our client received an immensely positive reaction to this video from employees, student families, and donors during its fundraising efforts.

“The work Osmosis has done on behalf of University Preparatory Academies has been truly impactful. Osmosis captured the core values and beliefs of our organization on video and film. The narrative created around our collective work and journey as educators has been an immeasurable tool in explaining our vision and mission to the communities and stakeholders we serve. We are indebted to the high quality production that Osmosis provided to UPA.”
Darius S. Adamson, Sr., Executive Director, University Preparatory Academy