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Valo Health, based in Boston, is setting out to revolutionize the drug discovery and development pipeline. Their new platform, Opal, reimagines the process as a dynamic confluence of best-in-class data and computational algorithms that enable us to find drugs faster and with a higher probability of success.


Our greatest challenge was creating a visual language for something as intangible as software. We began by speaking with Valo leadership in a series of calls, and translating their perspectives into a digestible narrative that could be understood without a PhD. Opal was then visualized as a stunning 3D sphere that enables data to be shared rapidly across the entire drug discovery and development process. Smaller spheres, inspired by pointillism technique, visualize the myriad of data points and cutting-edge technologies that comprise the software. 


The animated film captures the full scope of how the Opal platform works, how it will revolutionize the industry, and the applications for future innovation and development. It is now featured prominently on Valo’s website, Twitter and LinkedIn