Better communication makes a stronger organization

Osmosis One is the mobile platform for internal communication, learning, and engagement

Communication is the cornerstone of every great relationship.

Engage and Empower

  • Share a customer reaction
  • Spotlight a job well-done
  • Educate employees about the business

Communicate More Effectively

  • Use images and video to share your messages
  • Communicate clearly - without the chaos of comment threads and clogged inboxes

Educate and Train

  • Courses for new employees
  • Culture training
  • Teach best practices and new skills

Real-Time Analytics

  • Review engagement with your content
  • Track progress of employees through courses
  • Download full reports

We're changing the way organizations communicate

Enterprise software doesn't have to be complex or unfun. Here's why you and your staff will love using Osmosis One:

  • Easy to use

    A simple interface makes it easy to find what you need interact with content quickly

  • Mobile first

    An experience optimized for smartphones and busy employees on the go. No desktop computer required.

  • Tailored to you

    Designed with your business in mind. Customize the feature set and apply your company branding.

  • Video-centric

    Purpose-built for engaging your team through video learning content.

  • Flexible & adaptive

    Scalable technology meets your needs as your business and workforce evolves.

  • Integrates with your HR system

    Integrates intelligently with your existing system to minimize administrative burden.

  • Engagement without the chatter

    Not another social media app. Osmosis One provides structured, two-way communication to enable purposeful communication and gain actionable insights.

  • Insights at your fingertips

    You’re no longer tied to a desktop admin dashboard — analytics and admin controls are all accessible via the app.

  • Targeted communication tracking

    Set up audience segments to target communications directly to select groups within your organization.

Custom video packages from Osmosis

Osmosis offers video packages to communicate with, educate, and empower your workforce.

We offer video content for one-time and for on-going internal training, education and engagement. Our videos include animations, mini-documentaries, training material, filming onsite at your location, and more.

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