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Migraines carry an unfair stigma because the seriousness of the condition is often underestimated and written off as 'just a headache.' Because of this stigma, a true pathway of care has not been developed for those who suffer from migraines, leading them to self-diagnose, self-medicate, and try a carousel of various treatments that don't always work. We partnered with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company to create a video that addresses the stigma head on and to raise public awareness to migraines and their impact.


To meaningfully bring to life the challenges migraine sufferers routinely face, we developed an animated story that follows a woman struggling to find a clear pathway to migraine care; a journey punctuated by frustrating "gaps."  Along the way, fully integrated graphics and factoids identify what each gap is, and provide her the right tools and information to fill them. With the path fully revealed and cleared of obstacles, our hero is able to navigate her way to meaningful migraine treatment. 


In addition to the 2.5-minute animation, we delivered 3 cutdowns, a GIF package, and translations into 7 languages to fully access Eli Lilly’s global audience. The films were shared widely across their social media channels, website, and was even featured on the front page of Politico.

The short film anchored a Politico article highlighting the chronically unmet needs of migraine patients.

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