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Kaleido: The Human Microbiome


Kaleido Biosciences is a clinical-stage healthcare company with a chemistry-driven approach to leveraging the microbiome to treat disease and improve human health. The company partnered with Osmosis to create an animation that explains how it uses proprietary compounds, called MMTs (Microbiome Metabolic Therapies), to shift the metabolic output and profile  of the human microbiome to help address diseases and conditions.


The stylistic approach of this animation was inspired by pointilism. Osmosis animated groups of different colored dots and abstract shapes to form different shapes, systems, and bodies. This style underscores the connection between happenings on the microscopic and macroscopic level. Text on screen was also employed to call out key phrases and terms. 


The 60-second animation is featured on Kaleido's website and has been used in various social media posts in connection with "World Microbiome Day" and a microbiome conference. 

Osmosis featured on Kaleido's social media page